This is me

This is my wifey

Our photos by: Olivia Schulthesis


It was freakin' awesome if you can't tell by the photo.

In short: we, along with 6 others, hiked down to a beautiful black sand beach, exchanged our vows, and took photos.

In reality: there was a shit ton of planning that went into it! There are so many details behind it that you don't even think of unless you do it. I now have more empathy for my couples and will definitely be there if you need some advice while planning. 

A little about myself:


Hawai'i born + raised.

Currently living in the Bay.

I have two moods – coffee + tequila.


Nature is my studio.

Photography is my art.

My photographs are my legacy.

As a photographer, I capture + collect your moments for you. 

Time is the most important thing to me in life and memories the most valuable. I take photographs because I understand the value of a memory when it's all that's left of a moment.

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